Decorative Bollards – Protecting Your Property While Enhancing It’s Appearance

Are you trying to control traffic or protect certain areas with bollards? Do you think they look kind of ugly? Read on to find out all about decorative bollards — which are outright attractive.

Bollards are definitely practical. They protect your property, your equipment, and your employees from run-ins with heavy moving equipment, from forklifts to cars to trucks. And they can also used to control the flow of traffic.

And we think of practical things as — well, practical. Driveway bollards We don’t usually associate them with decoration.

Yet bollards can be outright decorative and pretty. That’s because there’s an entire category that’s designed to enhance the appearance of your property, and they’re even referred to as decorative bollards or decorative posts.

They are available in many types and you’re sure to find something that will fit right in with your building.

They can definitely enhance not only the appearance but even the value of your landscaping and even your buildings.

Decorative bollards are used in a wide range of places, from resorts and hold stables to commercial buildings all the way to historical buildings. They’re even used on residential properties. They can add an attractive and distinctive-looking boundary along driveways, walks, and even gardens.

You may wonder what those decorative posts are made of. They may look as if they were made out of cast iron, but they’re actually crafted out of high density polyethylene. In addition, they have been treated with UV inhibitors so that they resist cracking and fading. They’re practically immune to the effects of weather and insects.

Best of all, they’re completely maintenance free — you won’t ever have to paint them.

You have a choice of several styles, including classic style and hitching post. And you have even more options for installing your decorative bollards, from anchoring them directly into concrete or asphalt to the portable version with a 10 pound rubber base.

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